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Synonyms for adventure

Synonyms for adventure

an exciting, often hazardous undertaking

to run the risk of

to expose to possible loss or damage

Synonyms for adventure

a wild and exciting undertaking (not necessarily lawful)

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Spread over one acre, Frenzy Adventure offers 31 Adventure activities that promise to keep thrill seekers in awe.
This information is limited, allowing adventure to propel the story, but it can stimulate kids to follow up on the subjects of the stories.
The Adventure: An awesome expanse of space and magical light is what an adventure in Mongolia is all about.
I recommend this book for all school age readers looking for some adventure to spice up their life.
Cooper credits adventure racing with helping her in her battle with cancer.
Adventure pulps filled just one niche in a rich print world that celebrated soldiering and seduction, courage and cleavage, in many formats for many different sorts of readers.
Nationally, we have also seen increased interest in wilderness survival and extreme adventure programming on television.
Silver bullets: A guide to initiative problems, adventure games and trust activities.
This blur is compounded by adventure travel's rise in popularity.
These terms include adventure therapy (Gass, 1993), camping therapy (Lowry, 1974), high adventure, natural challenge activities, outdoor pursuits, and risk education (Ewert, 1989), and wilderness therapy (Davis-Berman & Berman, 1994).
Knowledge Adventure plans to extend the connection between the parent and child interactive gaming experience in the upcoming months, allowing parents to take an even more active role in their children's game play and education.
What's going on during these adventure activities that are becoming increasingly more popular in camping?
National Geographic Adventure Classics: One hundred of the greatest adventure books of all time, as selected by National Geographic''
As can be seen by Table 2, participation in the 10-day outdoor adventure education course had a significant positive effect on the internal locus of control orientation of the experimental group.
Knowledge Adventure has entered into a partnership with Majesco Entertainment Company to launch the Math Blaster DS product.