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Synonyms for adventitious

not part of the real or essential nature of a thing

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associated by chance and not an integral part

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But as it was occasionally inexpedient to carry about measuring-chains a boy would do well to know the precise length of his own foot-pace, so that when he was deprived of what Hurree Chunder called adventitious aids' he might still tread his distances.
Contract notice: recruitment of the maintenance service of the gardens and municipal green areas, including the control of adventitious vegetation in roads, of puerto de la cruz (2018-2021).
His burgeoning feelings for the former nurse, and his adventitious involvement in a domestic crisis, inspire him to change direction.
Data on adventitious lung sounds collected during the hospitalization period were classified (on the basis of international classifications) as continuous, discontinuous, bronchial on the chest wall, and friction rub sounds (3).
Similarly, the decline in the productivity and rooting of cuttings in mild temperatures have been evaluated as a key factor for the production of adventitious roots (Trueman & Richardson, 2008; Da Cunha, Paiva, Leite, Barros, & Leite, 2009).
The present study was conducted to establish a propagation method for this species: a vegetative method to assess: the effect of different concentrations of an IBA phytohormone-based root enhancer, on the production of adventitious roots in cuttings and air layers of adult plants of P.
By the systematical optimization on explants sterilizing, induction and multiplication of adventitious shoots, rooting and seedling transplanting, the high-efficient regeneration system and domestication transplanting technology for red pitaya (Hylocereus polyrhizus) were established using dormant buds in spine base as primary materials.
Tomatoes seem to produce more of these adventitious roots than other vegetables, but you will find these same roots on other plants in the garden such as watermelon vines.
After drying, the following variables were determined: dry matter for each soil layer, dry matter of adventitious roots and total root dry matter.
The exercise was related to the Business Continuity Program and was meticulously and professionally performed as per the preset scenario for emergency cases, crises and adventitious situations.
An historical evaluation of adventitious rooting research to Biology of adventitious root formation.
In this study, we optimized the medium formula for efficient induction of tuberous root in vitro from leaf-derived adventitious roots using an orthogonal design.
Ivy has adventitious roots that help it to cling to a host, clematis wrap their leaf stems around the twigs of other plants and roses developed thorns to pull themselves up through branches.
An aerial stem system of plumular origin and an underground stem system of cotyledonary bud origin have been described, and the root system is completely adventitious and formed by the underground stem axis (Andreata and Menezes, 1999).