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an enveloping or covering membrane or layer of body tissue

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On exam, such patients often have diminished ankle-brachial pressure indices, and duplex ultrasound often reveals stenosis in the affected artery, as well as a collection of mucoid cysts in the adventitia.
However, there are not any persuading data provided on the effect of intracoronary shunts on the muscle layer and adventitia of coronary arteries, while a damage to all layers of a vessel may be the outcome of clamping such vessel.
The viral infection starts in the upper respiratory tract and spreads to the lower tract within a few days, resulting in inflammation of the bronchiolar epithelium and oedema of the submucosa and adventitia.
4] EG is caused by invasion of microorganisms into the media and adventitia of subcutaneous vasculature, precipitating a hemorrhagic occlusive vacuities.
Extensive infiltration of neoplastic cells was observed in the lung parenchyma, syringeal muscle and submucosa, clavicular air sac interstitium, parenchyma of the kidneys and spleen, and adventitia and lamina propria of the esophagus, proventriculus, isthmus, ventriculus, and duodenum (Fig 4B through D).
ULTRASONIC CLASSES OF ATHEROSCLEROTIC LESIONS (12) Ultrasonic Ultrasonic Class Characteristics Normal artery CLASS I Intimal surface is a straight line; intima, media, and adventitia are clearly separated Intimal irregularities [+ or -] medial granulation Intimal surface is irregular and/or adventitia CLASS II appears granular; separation of intima media and adventitia is not clear; intima-media thickness (IMT) <1 mm CLASS III Intima media thickening (>1 mm) Appearances as in Class II, but intima-media thickness >1 mm Non-stenotic atherosclerotic plaque CLASS IV Localized thickening >1.
When evaluating the rat thoracic aorta tissue as immunohistochemical, in both the endothelium and adventitia eNOS immunoreactivity was slight (+1) (Figure 3) in control rats.
The adventitia appears as irregular soft tissue whose thickness varies depending on the location and the surgical technique.
Cardionovum bigwigs believe it has the potential to replace the conventional angioplasty procedure, whose mode of action catalyzes excessive mechanical stress with consecutive disruption of the vessel intima and media, as well as tension on the adventitia.
Tunica media was separated from intima by internal elastic lamella and it was separated from tunica adventitia by external elastic lamella.
The innermost endothelial layer is called the intima the middle layer consisting of smooth muscle is called the media and the other layer consisting of connecting tissues is called the adventitia [2].
The external elastic membrane is a layer of elastin that separates the tunica media from the tunica adventitia.
Both models resulted in elevated BP, increased vasoconstriction and impaired relaxation KCl, elevated TNF-[alpha] and AGEs, NF-[kappa]B activation, marked infiltration of leukocytes in the adventitia, pyknosis of endothelial cells and marked collagen deposition.
They found two populations of cardiac stem cells in the coronary arteries--a quiescent population in the media layer and a proliferative population in the adventitia (outer) layer.
Subsequently, this nonspecific panarteritis that affects the intima and the adventitia of the aorta and its major branches was called Takayasu's arteritis.