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(meteorology) the horizontal transfer of heat or other atmospheric properties

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These directions coincided with the downstream direction of the advection current from release point in each experiment.
A retardation coefficient (R) is necessary to adjust the advection and diffusion terms to account for the fact that heat is stored and conducted through both the water and rock, but heat is only advected by the water (Bear 1972).
At each instant t during the injection course, the evolution of filling state variable is governed by an advection equation:
The first two commercial devices have been installed to melt blend two or more polymers using a structured fluid-dynamic mixing process known as "chaotic advection.
Larval distributions probably resulted from a combination of patterns of spawning and vertical distribution, combined with wind-driven onshore advection and downwelling on the seaward side of the outer reefs.
A computational Lagrangian--Eulerian advection remap for free surface flows, International Journal for Numerical method in Fluids 44(1): 1-32.
In the larger scheme of things, advection of the undertow is weak.
The winter rainfall zone, which includes the far south of Namibia, received perhaps its very last favourable advection for precipitation, for this season.
To access the evapotranspiration, SEBAL model is based on the estimation of the latent heat flux (LE) through the energy balance equation assuming that for Landsat image scale the local horizontal advection is ignored:
We aimed to evaluate the associations between different particle fractions and daily mortality and the effect of dust advection episodes on these associations in Rome.
We present theoretical emission-line diagnostics from CLOUDY simulations in which we a irradiate a grid of clouds having a range of densities and ionization parameters with two different spectral energy distributions (SEDs): a) SED resulting from thin disk accretion, believed to be operating in Seyferts and quasars, and b) and SED resulting from an advection dominated accretion flow (ADAF), suspected of operating in LINERs.
Movement of solutes in these materials, relative to an external observer, is a result of advection with, and diffusion relative to, the soil water.
According to Narayan, virtually all of this heat energy disappears into the black hole through a process known as advection.