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Synonyms for advantageousness

the quality of being encouraging or promising of a successful outcome

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Delincuente attempts to absolve the indiano and his legacy by ultimately downplaying his differences and emphasizing both his compatibility with and advantageousness to Spain.
Hence, claims of social capital's advantageousness for entrepreneurship are overstated.
The advantageousness of religious orientation has rendered it an unabashedly popular measure for investigating a range of biases, stereotypes and prejudices.
In sum, the advantageousness for hearers, and possibly in some cases the compensatory economy potential, may explain part of the success of SwAt marking systems in South American temporal clauses, but there may be a third factor involved, which has to do with the nature of multilingual interaction.
However, despite its overt advantageousness, primary prevention is controversial, particularly in the context of terrorism.
It must be that advantageousness that we can thank for Alex's perennial bottom-feeding.
The mutual advantageousness of voluntary exchange transactions is obviously correct when applied to two person exchanges, but it is not clear how the voluntary exchange system, if established as the centrepiece in a free market society, provides the key to the promotion of everyone's advantage (54).
Physiological explanations do not disappear here; even these, however, stress not "addiction" but the advantageousness of earth-eating as an affordable and easy means of accessing important minerals, particularly during pregnancy, as well as soothing digestive symptoms (indeed, in the West, kaolinic clay has long formed an ingredient in preparations like Kaopectate).
357 (1984), who analyzes the general economic determinants of the relative advantageousness of liability and regulation and argues that observed use of the two is generally desirable.