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Synonyms for advantageous

Synonyms for advantageous

Antonyms for advantageous

giving an advantage

appropriate for achieving a particular end

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Although the basics of an auto insurance plan do not always change, there are many variations that can make a policy advantageous or disadvantageous for a certain driver.
This strategy is advantageous when the foreign tax rates are lower than U.
The broker may find other options for the driver, which may or may not, be more advantageous.
Observation: A taxpayer must determine, based on AGI, whether this limitation would eliminate the entire benefit of an abandonment, or reduce it to the point at which it would be more advantageous to sell the property for $1 and claim a smaller deduction over a longer period of time.
INfe Human Resources' management team leverages a record of individual success in driving the growth of emerging companies to help consulting clients identify advantageous market niches and execute profitable roll-up acquisitions, with the objective of achieving high-level sales and earnings growth and the Wall Street valuation they need for an Amex or NASDAQ listing.
Online auto insurance quotes make comparing different policies simple, fun and very advantageous.
The increase in corporate estimated tax payments for the 1992 tax year makes it even more advantageous to "backend" estimated tax payments as much as the rules allow.
Concluded that the transaction with IAMGold is more advantageous to the shareholders of Wheaton than the proposal from Coeur; and
org has released a new blog post explaining how to select an advantageous auto insurance plan.
It ensures that companies receive the most advantageous terms and conditions, that orders are properly managed throughout the process, and that the required detail information is submitted to corporate inventory and financial systems.
com has released a new blog post explaining how to find an advantageous auto insurance plan for any financial budget.
The Company provides services based on advantageous and rational charging principles adopted in most European countries.
A car insurance agent can help any driver find an affordable and advantageous policy.
The 'BBB-' rating reflects the ongoing expansion of retail activity in the area, increasing sales tax revenues and improving coverage levels, and the advantageous location of the development area.
Auto insurance quotes can be used to find an advantageous and affordable plan.