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Synonyms for adumbration

the act of providing vague advance indications

a sketchy or imperfect or faint representation

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L astutely notices that these portraits contain important adumbrations concerning the Forms, and from there he tries to argue that the person of Socrates is central to the configuration of Plato's nascent theory.
Very little is known about the African Blood Brotherhood, and what limited information is known is discussed with adumbration.
There is an admirable chronicle of the kind of thing I mean in the various essays of Bruce Robbins's Feeling Global: Internationalism in Distress (1999), Timothy Brennan's At Home in the World: Cosmopolitanism Now (1997) and Neil Lazarus's Nationalism and Cultural Practice in the Postcolonial World (1999), books whose self-consciously territorial and highly interwoven textures are in fact an adumbration of the critical (and combative) intellectual's sense of the world we live in today, taken as episodes or even fragments of a broader picture, which their work and that of others is in the process of compiling.
Those who did take seriously Burckhardt the ironist attributed his pessimism to the influence of Schopenhauer, or saw in it a sort of mal du siecle or, more recently, an adumbration of our own post-modern malaise.
First, to provide a brief adumbration of the problems that attend the received SWT and, pari passu, limit its usefulness in any context.
The "miracle" of Apollonius is an incomplete but highly suggestive adumbration of the mythico-ritual process.
Line 9 is the adumbration, a point in time which releases the light able to reformulate itself as an escape from the anvil of darkness.
Nor does Sophocles' adumbration of natural law in Antigone appear to me "elitist": it's true that Antigone belongs to a royal family, but her insistence on the right of a family member to burial - as opposed to Creon's denial of that right to her brother Polyneices because he has been a "traitor" to Thebes - resonates in our own time when one of the most ingenious cruelties committed by states and paramilitary groups has been the "disappearance" of presumed "subversives.
Aside from being a remarkably accomplished first novel, The Hotel can be seen as an adumbration of the themes which the author was to develop fully in her later more mature works.
Most readers of this journal will doubtless know the story, so let the following adumbration suffice.
First, what was the part of literary humanists and theologians in the adumbration of such complex images?
5) adumbration of the concept of rent seeking, citing Alfred Marshall;
This is a fascinating adumbration of an idea that would become his obsession six months later.
However, the universal appeal of his concern with the dynamics of human interaction, the freshness of his manipulation of the bizarre, grotesque, and fantastic, and his adumbration of postmodemist narrative strategies have solidified his fame there as elsewhere.
In the first--and to me perhaps the most interesting--section, we find scintillating words from John Ruskin, so superb a describer and critic, and always worth reading and rereading, as here in his admirable adumbration of a hierarchy of function in the decorative arts.