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Synonyms for adumbration

the act of providing vague advance indications

a sketchy or imperfect or faint representation

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Kirkwood (1987, 1989, 1990, 1997) has proved an exception, and provides a small body of work that enables students interested in the Indian tradition to mine the vast body of texts for an enumeration and adumbration of the Indian approaches to rhetoric, speech, and communication.
Belgian theologian van Helmont (1614-99), in his Adumbration Kabbalae Christiana attempted to Christianize the form of Kabbalism taught by 16th-century Palestinian Isaac Luria.
Lissitzky's poster for a Russian Exhibition at the Museum of Applied Arts in Zurich in 1929, in which two faces share three eyes, fused in an image of solidarity, still finds adumbration in the Russian icon tradition (even if Westerners think first of the two faces fused in Giotto's Meeting at the Golden Gate).
19) Indeed, Marano sees Stevens's dedication to orthodoxy as an adumbration of Faulkner's awareness of contemporary chess tactics, despite the anachronistic challenge to this argument, which the lawyer's initial use of this ploy manifests.
Macbeth follows Banquo up the same staircase to bid him good night; Banquo pauses halfway in his ascent for what looks like casual conversation with his host about the reliability of the witches' prophecies but is really an ironic adumbration of Macbeth's later design to stop him forever.
As an adumbration of the trinity--structure, any individual, finite self-conscious mind is necessarily split up into different aspects--but now rather than this being thought in terms of component faculties or functions, it is centered on to the idea of the mind's self-consciousness or self-relatedness.
JENCOVA, Katerina, 'A Pilgrim in Ireland: A Quest for Home: An Adumbration of the Irish-Canadian Identity Narrative', in Jencova et al.
The individual details of Phano's biography present striking similarities with the adumbration of Neaira earlier in the speech.
Worse, an independent reading tends to support Darby's impression that Battle Cry "uses the characters, cliches and dialog one finds in World War II propaganda films"; like Beidler after him, Darby singles out the still-popular John Wayne vehicle Sands of Iwo Jima (1949) as an obvious adumbration.
In a society with a style of life as free as that of the Patriarchs and an austere contrast to the luxuries and enjoyments of Egypt, he became a shepherd--a return to the days of his forebears and an adumbration of his future role as '.
Therefore, a sufficient outline or adumbration of a [section] 1 claim must include allegations supportive of that material element.
The revelation of multifarious techniques and the adumbration of inner vitalities as well as the projection into the new seasons of hell, may be possible, if we look into the traditional methods of achieving catharsis in the moods of our discontent, disillusion and chagrin.
A brief jaunt through the former and an adumbration of the problem will lead to a more leisurely tour of the latter, particularly Hemingway's parodies of Gertrude Stein, wherein the problem becomes most vexed.
Indeed, in excellent literary adumbration, just a few verses before this scene, in the middle of Chapter 21, Abraham sends his concubine, or co-wife, Hagar, and their son, Ishmael, into the desert wilderness to a certain death.
Our purpose in this volume is not to attempt even an adumbration of a rapidly evolving sub-field of empirical psychology as it relates to literary study, but to discuss specifically three examples of the more interesting types of criticism that such a blending could produce for mainstream literary critics by focusing primarily on literary character: work on A) cognitive stylistics, B) theories of mind, and C) studies in temperament.