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  • verb

Synonyms for adumbrate

to draw up a preliminary plan or version of

to make dark or darker

Synonyms for adumbrate

describe roughly or briefly or give the main points or summary of

give to understand

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Indeed, both activists had fractured relationships within intra-racial communities of women and scarcely represent a singular or authentic voice; instead, Feimster's Southern Horrors adumbrates the diverse positions on lynching that women held during the nadir of race relations.
Launcelot's guilt at leaving Shylock adumbrates Christians' guilt for their election over the Jews.
A second theme on which he adumbrates is the power, or powerlessness of the Queen, because in the end the book is about the Queen and the British Monarchy.
One of the many virtues of Gil's valuable and consistently interesting book is that it insists upon and adumbrates the possibilities of this resource.
Interweaving the narrative with a young mother searching for meaning and an entomologist whose rationalist diligence leads to the discovery of a new species of moth, Mettler adumbrates an underlying theme in all of his work: the search, as he puts it, for a "balance between intellect and intuition, order and chaos, action and perception.
Toomer's visionary goal of "raceless individuality" adumbrates this novel-as-manifesto rendering of Infants of the Spring, "the only published account of the Harlem group's plan to create a body of 'objective' literature.
At the heart of empire he adumbrates powerlessness, living out of control, living with a sense of the tragic and the living out of faithful and caring family lives as prophetic acts of the peaceable kingdom.
Neil Parsons adumbrates the forthcoming joint-biography of Seretse Khama, of which he is one of the authors, with an examination of Seretse's impact on British public opinion in 1948-65 and in 1978; and that veteran Africanist, Anthony Kirk-Greene, brings the volume to a dignified conclusion with 'Doubly Elite: African Rhodes Scholars, 1960-90'.
In his concluding chapter Netton adumbrates a theory of semiotics for Islamic theology, be it medieval or modern, which can be pursued in four distinct ways: the way of the Ulama, i.
The art of It's No Use, Alberto is deliberately primitive; today, there is a kind of refinement to the simplicity with which Applebroog adumbrates her simultaneously seductive and confrontational figures.
It also adumbrates possibilities on the practical level.
This positive or affirmative aspect of the work--on these subjects and others--strikingly adumbrates a theme now central to the discourse of virtue ethics: that man can indeed "relearn how to live," especially if he experiences human goodness and happiness within "small communities" that exist as "centers of example, that is to say, nuclei of life around which the lacerated tissues of true moral existence can be reconstituted.
Much of this material has already been covered by, among others, Mark Rocha, and Herrington's book brings little that is new to the discussion--except for the interesting parallels she adumbrates between Wilson's method of "cutting and pasting" his scripts and Bearden's creation of his collages.
In very different ways each of the contributors arrives at the same general conclusion: despite the appropriation of post-structuralist and post-modern theoretical apparati, critics of early modern English culture have yet to comfortably situate the "problem of race" in an early modern historiography that fully adumbrates the complexity, fluidity, and problematic nature of the discourses of race that prevailed in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.
In an historical postscript Jonathan Barry adumbrates an overview and reflects critically on the sociological scheme proposed by Habermas.