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Synonyms for adulterous

Synonyms for adulterous

characterized by adultery

not faithful to a spouse or lover

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Actress Nicole Kidman accepted undisclosed libel damages in the High Court yesterday over a newspaper article alleging she had an adulterous affair with actor Jude Law.
In divorces triggered by extra-marital affairs, men were three times more likely to be adulterous than women, with the ratio at 75% men, 25% women.
Frequently voted one of the best and most moving films of all time, this prison drama charts the friendship between a quiet banker, jailed for the murder of his adulterous wife and a fellow inmate who's the prison entrepreneur.
Why is it permissible to show gay relationships in an adulterous context but not in a heroic one?
It's too bad, though, that Charles and Camilla's adulterous affair, which has now resulted in marriage, came at the expense of Princess Diana's happiness while she was alive.
But, since the Prince of Wales has been ' knowing' his bit on the side/ his adulterous affair/the love of his life, whatever words come to mind, for many years, what's new?
Now a bestselling novelist, the former health minister said current leader Michael Howard was `anold pro', but his three predecessors -including John Major, with whom she famously had an adulterous affair -were `useless'.
They quote Jesus: "let the one without sin throw the first stone," forgetting that he also told the adulterous person to "go and sin no more.
His drama Gertrude The Cry defends the hapless prince's much-maligned adulterous mother, depict-ing her as a wretched soul driven beyond reason.
He has left his kids without a full-time Dad and he has left a trail of broken hearts in his adulterous wake.
The Rev Jesse Jackson took his pregnant mistress to the White House while he was advising President Clinton over his adulterous affair with Monica Lewinsky, it was reported yesterday.
While there is no law against repeatedly having adulterous oral sex with the president of the United States, a woman who does it in and around the Oval Office might reasonably be expected to anticipate that word could get out, causing her some loss of privacy.
FANS of radio soap The Archers will tonight hear one of its steamiest scenes when local flirt Jolene shares an after-sex shower with adulterous landlord Sid Perks.
An adulterous couple did threaten order, since the choice to have sexual relations that violated the marriage bond defied patriarchal authority.
In the New Testament parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector (Luke 18:11-13), the Pharisee prayed in the temple, "`O God, I thank you that I am not like the rest of humanity -- greedy, dishonest, adulterous -- or even like this tax collector.