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It is common in Iran for families to turn their backs on convicted adulteresses.
They behead criminals, stone to death female adulteresses and throw acid in the faces of women who refuse to wear the chadar.
The final three chapters deal with 'Aristocratic Adulteresses and Patriotic Wives', 'Fashionable Mammas and Natural Mothers' and 'Old Maids, Merry Widows, and Cosy Wives'.
Or that all adulteresses have to be stoned to death?
15) Not all wives who deserted their husbands became adulteresses, but many did.
But when a dancer tells you that dance is not entertainment or that dancers are not adulteresses, it calls for a pause.
8) The Grosvenor divorce case dominated the press and gossip networks of London between 1769 and 1772; Lady Henrietta's name, in conjunction with those of other adulteresses such as Lady Penelope Ligonier and Lady Sarah Bunbury remained a byword for feminized metropolitan licentiousness for years afterwards.