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Synonyms for adulterate

Synonyms for adulterate

to make impure or inferior by deceptively adding foreign substances

Synonyms for adulterate

corrupt, debase, or make impure by adding a foreign or inferior substance

mixed with impurities

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Call for tighter regulations amid adulteration fears
Al Sallagi also shed light on the issues of halal food adulteration saying: "As more food becomes available in the market, the authenticity of halal food has raised much concern among Muslim consumers throughout the world.
Indeed, the consumer market, rather than addressing the chronic anxieties and health hazards associated with adulteration, mined them for fresh product lines--thereby mid-wifing the infamous nineteenth-century trade in exotic panaceas.
Neither of these positions lands her squarely in debates over effective remedies to rampant food adulteration.
Since passing any measure in divided government requires bipartisan support, a shift in majorities is less likely to bring on serious changes or adulterations.
to provide their customers a thorough compliance to their requirements, holding valuable documents and IT Systems secure from adulterations and forgery.
With money being held up as one of the gods, the temptation to cheat is very great and unfortunately the adulteration of fruit juices is a serious economic problem.
Over a period of time the adulteration of fruit juices has progressed from simple dilution with water to the addition of a veritable cocktail of materials designed to disguise the addition of other juices and extra ingredients that are patently not the juice required.