adult-onset diabetes

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The latest examination results, based on 1997-98 examinations just now emerging from the long pipe of scientific report-writing, found that Ranch Hands had no more adult-onset diabetes than vets who flew the same types of aircraft in Southeast Asia but didn't spray any herbicides, be it Agent Orange or something else.
Type 2 diabetes, also known as adult-onset diabetes, is the most common type of diabetes.
It was previously known as adult-onset diabetes, although children as young as 10 in the UAE and elsewhere are now also being diagnosed with it.
Nearly all patients were diagnosed with the disease only after age 30, when adult-onset diabetes typically takes hold.
A major risk factor for Type 2, sometimes referred to as adult-onset diabetes, is being overweight or obese.
Type 2 diabetes, formerly known as adult-onset diabetes, is greatest in people more than 40 years old.
Over the last decade, doctors have reported increasing numbers of type 2 diabetes - once called adult-onset diabetes - among American children.
As compared to a control group, veterans with the highest exposures were found to be 50 percent more likely to develop adult-onset diabetes.
Drugs that enhance the activity of calcineurin or NFAT could become a new treatment for type-2, or adult-onset diabetes, in which the beta cells don't produce enough insulin.
Washington, July 8 (ANI): Women, who fail a test to diagnose gestational diabetes, are more prone to Type II adult-onset diabetes, revealed a new Tel Aviv University study.
Type 2 diabetes, formerly called adult-onset diabetes, is the most common form of diabetes, affecting at least 8 percent of adults.
Many studies have linked vitamin D deficiency to an increased risk of type 2 diabetes, which used to be called adult-onset diabetes.
Type 2 diabetes -also referred to as adult-onset diabetes -was once only seen among adults.
Furst, 46, was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes - what used to be called adult-onset diabetes - at age 17, which at the time was considered young for the disease.
Aerobic exercise also prevents adult-onset diabetes, particularly in those at highest risk.
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