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There would be a big difference between a small village of 80 people with perhaps 30 adult males and a large village of 4,000 people with 1,500 adult males.
The strengths of this study included a sufficient number of adult male respondents and different variables used to conduct this scientific survey.
The current study was planned to find out the effect of smoking on complete blood count (CBC) and serum levels of CRP and magnesium in healthy adult male smokers.
And there's comedy too as we observe a juvenile male bower bird getting lessons in Grand Designs of nest building and interior decoration from an adult male who then tries to chat him up.
Durkin and Dowling (2003) also found similar %RMSE in young adult males which indicated that not even the apparent anatomical similarities minimized the errors yielded by those methods.
Although explanations for the documented behavior remain speculative, our observation of an adult male helper is rare for this species.
Outside of the breeding season, adult male coatis are known to attack bands (Russell, 1996) and prey on juveniles (Russell, 1981).
When fully mature, adult male polar bears are roughly twice the size of adult females (Kingsley, 1979; Derocher et al.
5 fold increase in the risk of female-to-male and male-to-female HIV transmission associated with sex during the postcircumcision wound healing period, researchers altered two previously published mathematical models: one based on Zimbabwe (HIV prevalence, 20%; adult male circumcision prevalence, 0%), and one based on Kisumu, Kenya (HIV prevalence, 15%; adult male circumcision prevalence, 25%).
Most people are unaware that male infants in the first six months of life produce testosterone at approximately the same level as an adult male," said Christopher Kuzawa, associate professor of anthropology and author of the study.
For example a child may be taken in a car by an adult male from Huddersfield to Manchester or Bradford to London or Thornton Lodge to Birkby for the expressed purpose of pimping that child.
This article estimates the cost in terms of public finance and human resources of a rapid scale-up in Mozambique of adult male circumcision, a country with a low male circumcision rate and high HIV prevalence.
The results underscore the importance of bars and nightclubs in reaching the young adult male consumer.
There was an adult male driving the motorcycle and another adult male crammed into the cart.
Adult male monkeys in each group also make a "pyow-hack" car that prompts the group to leave an area.
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