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We're finding costs for adult female marmots to be nice to other female marmots.
Besides improving access, it has also proved effective in evading structural limitations, such as cost and infrastructure, as showcased by the success of the Adult Female Literacy Programme' in KP," said Ms Rahman.
He said an adult male had 70 ml/kg blood and adult female 67 ml/kg blood.
He said an adult male has 70 ml/kg blood while an adult female has 67 ml/kg blood.
13, just as team members were making their way home, a third call came in to assist an adult female who had fallen on the Glen River track on Slieve Donard and sustained a lower leg injury.
Under the 'SMS-based Adult Female Literacy Programme', learners gain some level of literacy during their five-month basic literacy coursework along with the provision of a mobile phone in order to practice and further develop their newly acquired skills.
The adult females always choose the beach they were born in to lay their eggs.
No other adult female bats used any other diurnal roost sites while they were radio-tagged.
He issued the order after an adult female Hawksbill sea turtle, was found dead nearly three days after she was found stranded on the shores of Barangay Bato.
Adult female during whole life consumed 1519 mealy bugs during whole life cycle through devouring 854, 308, 269 and 86 1st, 2nd, 3rd instar and adult stage cotton mealybug respectively.
During the summer of 2011, a marked adult female and an unmarked adult male produced and hatched two eggs at a known and regularly monitored nest site.
The bones of five individuals have provided some stunning firsts-the first-ever kneecap, the most well-preserved upper limb, and a complete set of foot, leg and hip pieces from an adult female that have allowed her gait to be decoded.
40am yesterday an adult female was paddling in the sea at Hastings when it appears that she was hit by a wave and taken a short distance out to sea.
Adult female moths release puffs of these chemicals, and males catching a whiff--sometimes from considerable distances--sniff their way through the night to the female.
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