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a course (via lectures or correspondence) for adults who are not otherwise engaged in formal study

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After Alternative Education moves into Buildings 9, 10, and the modular classroom units, the remaining buildings will be demolished and the site cleared to allow for the new Adult Education facility.
Speaking at a ceremony regarding establishment of adult education centers, Director Operation Punjab NCHD Riaz Khan said people of deprived community can also play effective role in the society after getting education.
Based on the course and context of senior citizens' participation in education activities, the researchers of the present study examined the development of older adult education in Taiwan through microscopic and macroscopic pedagogy.
Grade 12 literary section students in Abu Dhabi schools (public schools, morning and evening adult education centres and home schools) will be examined from December 7 to 18.
Keywords: Adult Education, Motivation, Academic Success
Professionals engaged directly or at second hand in adult education survey and analyze the current state of Canadian adult education and seek answers to questions about it.
The two-day adult education conference, the first to be held in the region, was organised under the patronage of Princess Basma Bint Talal in Amman
Publisher: Office of Vocational and Adult Education, US Department of Education.
00 pm Adult Education worker Elizabeth Flowers said: "Learning with the Adult Education Service can give you many opportunities, the chance to meet new people and it's all on your doorstep".
CAMPAIGNERS protested against the closure of an adult education centre last night.
IN the midst of all the current debate about major cuts to big spenders such as health, education and pensions, the real risk of drastic reductions to what is an already modest adult education funding must not be ignored.
Speaking at the opening of a conference on adult education in Abha on Tuesday, the deputy minister underscored the importance of continuing education.
Challenging the Professionalization of Adult Education
For Cooper, adult education for the African American working poor was a necessary "doctor and unfailing remedy" that would not only lift them from illiteracy and poverty but also prepare unlettered and continuing education adults for the "solid foundations of a more satisfactory and serviceable adjustment to the duties and responsibilities of life" (Cooper, "College Extension" 36; Decennial 8).
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