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Expect the debut album from the high-cheekboned jangle rock exponents when it surfaces next month to create similar adulatory column inches.
Notwithstanding an adulatory mood after the Abra operations against the Sunni Salafist leader Ahmad Al Assir and his followers, and because of irrefutable video evidence that illustrated that Hezbollah participated in the assaults, at least half of the population raised fundamental questions about the LAF's impartiality.
The election has taken religious overtones, with the opposition candidate often invoking God, while Maduro peppers his own speeches with Christian references and adulatory homages to Chavez.
Although critics writing for English periodicals described the book as enchanting, reactions were less uniformly adulatory on this side of the pond.
I have been wanting to come to India since the time I was a child," said the artiste who has got adulatory reviews from even the BBC.
Teachout's adulatory mood is strained most by Armstrong's dismissal of bebop, which emerged from the ashes of swing in the years following World War II.
Plouffe's yet-to-be-written book, which has put the publishing world in a bidding frenzy, will be "nothing but great, adulatory about the president.
He attributes his success in giving the speeches to tempering his adulatory prose with gentle mockery.
That adulatory call from Gibson was the first and only such communication that Reitman would receive.
A BATTERY of adulatory, euphoric articles has marked the 25th anniversary of Mrs Thatcher becoming Prime Minister.
He thoroughly deserved his long obituary, the tone of which is almost adulatory in parts, even allowing for the deferential standards of the time.
What George strives for and achieves here is the adulatory subservience of his disciples, who became ever more ready to proclaim his quasi-messianic status, and competed with one another in expressions of blind faith.
FORTY years ago she left cinema audiences goggle-eyed as the sexy Sophie in the raunchy historical romp Tom Jones yet four decades on Susannah York still has the class and the sass to provoke rave, adulatory reviews.
It has taken several decades to form the technical language and historical perspective to evaluate the composer's role in twentieth-century music and, on the whole, the scholarship represented in this volume, even if colored with a sometimes defensive and adulatory tone, takes important steps in assessing a corpus of music which has from the beginning eluded description and categorization.