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  • verb

Synonyms for adulate

to compliment excessively and ingratiatingly

Words related to adulate

flatter in an obsequious manner

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Like Louis's entry, then Conde's was a standard celebration of royal majesty, "an occasion to adulate the royal person
Yet such a potentially radical audience would have had to overlook such passages as "It is not that I adulate the people: / Without me, there are Demagogues enough" (9.
We British admire celebrities rather than adulate them which means we respect people's privacy rather than treat them as a god.
The mass media, for example, tell us each day what we believe, how we shop, whom we adulate, why we snack, when we marry.
We have this inclination to adulate before the horses have left the gate.
Recalling his reggae-flavoured solo number one Everything I Own and Culture Club reunion single I Just Wanna Be Loved pleased the ferociously loyal crowd who seemed to adulate him more so than ever.
Douglas Hay and Norma Landau's examination of the legal system of eighteenth-century England leads them neither to adulate nor castigate; rather they appear to chide.
Never been forced to adulate a figure we clearly know as such a jackass.
He presents four visions of desktop factories and considers how hobbies can be industrialized, and generally adulates the virtues of entrepreneurial populism.