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having capacity or tendency to adsorb or cause to accumulate on a surface

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It should be noted that the greatest change in the particle radius is observed within smaller extents of filling the adsorptive layer than suspension transition from a tyxotrophe current to the Newtonian character according to rheology (Slyusar, A.
It seems clear that an addition of PEG increases the surface hydrophilicity consequently increasing the resistance toward adsorptive fouling, decreasing RFR, when compared with the membranes without additive; but the specific effect on the membrane morphology: pore size distribution, active membrane thickness etc.
Cellsorba[R] (Asahi Medical, Tokyo, Japan), an adsorptive column, is made of non-woven polyester fiber filter and is able to remove about 90%--l00% of granulocytes and monocytes, 30%-60% of lymphocytes, and 30% of platelets from the peripheral blood (2).
Seven case studies are appended, among them refrigeration for the base of the Pyramid through adsorptive cooling, the environmental impact of photovoltaic lighting, a solar-powered wireless computer mouse, and light urban mobility.
These adsorptive materials have many applications for odor control, including medical and ostomy products.
The joint research team investigated the adsorptive behavior of three samples - functionalized commercial silica gel (NH2-SG)CA, functionalized hollow nano silica (NH2-SNHSCA), and non-functionalized hollow nano silica (SNHS)- and concluded that the amine-modified hollow nano silica is an efficient adsorbent for the heavy metals namely nickel, cadmium and lead (CANi2+CA, Cd2+CA, Pb2+CACA).
Pitting corrosion can be prevented by the action of adsorptive organic inhibitors which prevent the adsorption of the aggressive anions or by the formation of more resistant oxide film on the Al metal surface.
The adsorptive capacity of activated charcoal has been shown to be related to a decrease in endogenous auxin levels and therefore leads to a larger number of expanded leaves in Catassetum fimbriatum, another species of orchids (MORALES et al.
5, the anodic and cathodic Tafel slopes remain almost unchanged, indicating that the adsorptive nature of inhibitors molecules is not due to the interference on the reactions of metal dissolution and reduction of protons.
To analyze the beers, researchers used a differential pulse adsorptive stripping voltammetry technique.
To analyze 17 Spanish beer brands and 23 from other countries, with 28 pale, 6 dark and 6 non-alcoholic beers, the researchers used a differential pulse adsorptive stripping voltammetry technique developed by themselves, and refer to it as a "an ultra-sensitive, selective, rapid, reliable and cost-effective method".
The aerodynamic resistance of granular charging was investigated g by adsorptive, catalytic and biological air treatment methods.
McBride MB, Martinez CE (2000) Copper phytotoxicity in a contaminated soil: Remediation test with adsorptive materials.
Process chromatography: current constraints and future options for the adsorptive recovery of bioproducts Current Opinion in Biotechnology, 13(2), 95-103.
The adsorptive properties of biochar particles may become attenuated with time as the external space available for adsorption reactions diminishes with the increasing presence of organic compounds at the surface (Pignatello et al.