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accumulate (liquids or gases) on the surface

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Comparative study of adsorption properties of Turkish fly ashes I.
Adsorption of dyes on nanosize modified silica particles.
The application of adsorption in the removal of highly toxic chromium(vi) which exist in many industrial wastewater was studied using various adsorbents.
Adsorption is usually described through an isotherm.
The Langmuir isotherm best described the adsorption of PNP onto PAC, while pseudo second order kinetics fitted best.
Batch adsorption and kinetics studies were carried out and data modeled into various adsorption models.
The experimental data show that the adsorptions was decreased with an increase in temperature (Fig.
Certain isotherm models were also employed for characteristic adsorption and found that the physical adsorption of drug molecule occurs onto WB (having Vander Waals type interaction).
However, adsorption is considered to be most operative, efficient, economical method for water purification (George et al.
Biological treatment, coagulation, flotation, electrochemical techniques, advanced oxidation processes, and adsorption are the most widely used techniques for treating cationic dyes in industrial effluents [3, 4].
For increasing the adsorption capacity, the tendu leaf waste is treated with glutaraldehyde, so that the waste gets activated by chemical treatment (10).
This study aims to evaluate the adsorption capacity, pore structure, and phase composition of modified clay as new landfill liner material.
Experimental and mathematical evaluation of molecular adsorption models for organic pollutants on Ti[O.
Adsorption seems to be the most potential technique for dye removal from wastewater because of its simple design, initial cost, ease of operation and insensitivity to toxic substances (Eren and Acar, 2006).
The adsorption of Cd(II) on red mud fitted Langmuir isotherm model having a maximum adsorption capacity of 10.