adsorbent material

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a material having capacity or tendency to adsorb another substance

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FACT will utilize this instrumentation to establish a center of excellence for characterizing adsorbent materials.
The results showed that using adsorbent material BP, the percent removal of thorium was increased when the pH of SSAS of thorium increased too, at constant other variables as shown in Figure 3.
In the study, the researchers created an adsorbent material that - unlike conventional ion-exchange resins that are frequently used in reactors - is selective for cobalt but has the unique ability of disregarding iron-based ions.
Made of a liquid adsorbent material, a middle layer is attached underneath the top layer.
Graphene Plus is an inert, safe and recyclable adsorbent material, based on natural graphite, with a high and fast sorption capacity for every type of not emulsified oil.
35) % for brilliant green, Congo red, crystal violent and methylene blue dyes respectively at initial dyes concentration of 1 mg/l, so adsorbent material was found to be efficient to dyes removal from SSAS and wastewater.
2006) also revealed from their study that rice husk ash and granular activated carbon are efficient adsorbent material for the removal of phenol from aqueous solution.
This was lead to the increase in the number of toxic metal ion molecules competing for the available functions groups on the surface of adsorbent material (IRH).
The objectives of the current work aimed to introduce the peanut biochar as a cost effective adsorbent material to efficiently remove N[H.
It also is expected to yield product and power cost savings of 15 to 20 percent over alternative oxygen supply methods through the use of a new generation of Praxair's ultra-efficient synthetic zeolites, the adsorbent material used to separate oxygen from air.
The most common adsorbent materials are rice husk ash [9], bio-char [10, 11], cellulose [3, 12], algal biomass [13], lignin [14, 15], carbon nanotube [16], activated carbon [17, 18], chitosan [19] polypyrrole [20] titanium oxide [21] and alginate [22].
Unique selling tool developed within the framework of drinking water treatment adsorbent materials used in the manufacture of washing liquid generated by recycling, supported by the norwegian hu09-0090-a1-2013 identification number dmso-containing industrial waste recycling evaporation project.
In addition to Oleflex catalysts, the site will produce adsorbent materials used in applications including refining and petrochemical production and natural gas processing.
Seraph uses a biomimetic "adsorption media" that includes chemically bound heparin and supplemental adsorbent materials in a simple flow-through cartridge.
The potential growth of this industry is driven by innovations and advancements across the developments of technologies and new adsorbent materials.