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accumulate (liquids or gases) on the surface

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The company working to deliver the system is New Jersey (US)-based Adsorbed Natural Gas Products (ANGP) Inc.
The goal of this study is to determine the affinity of [alpha]5[beta]1 integrins on NIH/3T3 fibroblasts for fibronectin adsorbed onto functionalized electrospun PCL scaffolds.
In the chamber, water molecules adsorbed to the exposed side of the graphene, but not on the side facing the silicon dioxide.
At 15 s AKD deposition is already 2 mg/g (20%) or more of the added AKD adsorbed on the fibres, and extrapolation to time zero shows that the initial slopes do not strongly depend on cPAM concentration.
The amount of Zn(II) or arsenate adsorbed was calculated from the difference between the total amount added and the amount remaining in solution.
They observed hollow tubules for zein adsorbed on carboxyl-ended surfaces when these were rinsed with distilled water.
The adsorbing material (usually solid or liquid) is known as adsorbent (sorbent) while the adsorbed material is the adsorbate (sorbate).
The hand-mouth activities of young children can result in the ingestion of arsenic that may be adsorbed on their hands.
A team of scientists at Spain's Public University of Navarra (PUN) has developed a new adsorbent material said to be capable of storing hydrogen at low temperatures and returning 100 percent of the adsorbed fuel.
Desiccant has a finite moisture capacity, so its adsorbed moisture must be purged by regeneration.
While it is believed that denaturation of adsorbed proteins at the implant surface directly leads to the adhesion and activation of platelets and subsequent thrombus formation, no data exists to directly correlate these two phenomena.
In laboratory experiments, the material adsorbed molecules--such as water, ethanol, and methanol--that fit inside its half-nanometer-wide pores, but the network didn't take up slightly larger molecules.
The first column material adsorbs protein and RNA at a salt concentration at which plasmid is not adsorbed to produce an eluate containing plasmid and DNA.
The amount of iodine adsorbed has been found to be very high as compared to theoretical amount of iodine required to form single layer on the surface of fibers.
The layer of seed adsorbs organic condensation before it is adsorbed into the filter fabric.