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Synonyms for adsorbate

a material that has been or is capable of being adsorbed

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capable of being adsorbed or accumulated on a surface of a solid


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The aim of the adsorption isotherms is to relate the adsorbate concentration in the bulk to the adsorbed amount at the interface.
Equilibrium relationships between adsorbent and adsorbate are described by adsorption isotherms.
Adsorption data for a wide range of adsorbate concentrations are most conveniently described by adsorption isotherms, such as the Langmuir or Freundlich, which relate amounts adsorbed to the equilibrium adsorbate concentration in the bulk fluid phase.
Local adsorption equilibrium between the adsorbate adsorbed onto the adsorbent surface and the adsorbate in the intraparticle stagnation fluid.
The model calculations yield a thickness value for the adsorbate layer that shows a relatively good concurrence with the results of recently published SANS measurements determined directly on SBR vulcanizates filled with silica (ref.
With the available data, it is not possible to account theoretical grounds for the each observation and it needs further deep thorough study with regard to surface characteristics of the sorbents, their interaction with the adsorbates using more sophisticated instruments and methodologies and it is beyond the aims of this work.
Reaction rates for the adsorption processes of organic molecules onto biochar particles depend on the characteristics of the adsorbate as well as on the surface properties of the adsorbent.
4 Multipoint BET (Brunauer, Emmett, and Teller) surface area analyses were done (Gemini 2375 Surface Area Analyzer, Micromeritics, Norcross, GA) with ultra high purity nitrogen as the adsorbate gas and liquid nitrogen as the cryogen.
The total pore volumes were estimated to be the liquid volumes of adsorbate ([N.
The adsorbent generates adsorption heat when the adsorbent adsorbs the adsorbate, and desorbs the adsorbate when the adsorbent is heated by coolant water from the internal combustion engine.
The [alpha]-tocopheryl acetate (Rovimix E-50 adsorbate, Roche commercial product) was diluted in soybean oil and added after extrusion.
This might be due to the weakening of electrostatic force of attraction between the oppositely charged adsorbate and adsorbent that ultimately lead to the reduction in sorption capacity (Bayal et al.
There has been a considerable interest in the literature to predict the state of adsorbate in porous material and determine the phase equilibria of these (Gelb et al.