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Synonyms for adroit

Synonyms for adroit

well done or executed

showing art or skill in performing or doing

exhibiting or possessing skill and ease in performance

Antonyms for adroit

quick or skillful or adept in action or thought

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Adroit has already signed a partnership agreement with Davey Water Products to help develop the final product, which is expected to enter the market around the middle of 2018.
Adroit Surgical[TM] is a privately funded medical device company that has developed a patented method for securing the airway in emergency situations and in the operating room.
Adroit Infinitum's Team Manager Malvikha Manog said: "This is supposed to be our last year to participate as students since we are going to grade 12, a very important educational year for us.
Adroit Claretdene Infotech recognized that access to email on move is becoming increasingly important for the mobile professional - or anyone who wants to be more productive in this immensely competitive world, but expensive smartphone purchase and monthly service fees to carriers had restricted the number of users," said Arvind V, CEO with Adroit Claretdene Infotech.
They cite analysts which have reported that better-off families have been more adroit at gaining access to the spaces available rather than the less affluent.
And with how their adroit handling of the racism that increasingly fuels the film's drama stays sharp, but never becomes hectoring.
We know to our bitter cost how adroit Westminster was at shifting the goalposts until the project collapsed and it was able to renege on its promise.
By contrast, the "Slatt" series, 2003, is dominated by irregular grids of rectangular, monochromatic panels, though Gilliam's adroit layering of acrylic makes these among his most luminous works.
When television evangelist Pat Robertson called for the Venezuelan president's assassination on his Christian Broadcasting Network, Chavez responded not with invective but with a politically adroit show of concern for those Americans who live in conditions not entirely dissimilar to Latin America's poor.
The ad campaign, intended to reinforce the company's name on campuses and spread it beyond academia to the general public, is just one sign of the major changes that this 86-year-old company has undergone recently in its drive to become leaner, more responsive to customers' needs and more adroit as a competitor.
I like it for a lot of reasons--the unembarrassed Eastern sonorities in Richard Rodgers' music, the sly humor of Oscar Hammerstein's narration, the adroit appropriation of Asian movement, and the wit of Robbins' cross-cultural translation of an all-American subject.
The true professional will be an adroit strategist, a creative tactician and a skilled facilitator--a friend of technology and an exponent of lifelong learning.
Modest in scale, yet executed with resourcefulness and sensitivity, Pinos' building is an adroit exercise in the art of making decent, dignified public places and spaces.
The CEOs also adroit that most Of their companies focus on external threats such as viruses and consistently underemphasize internal threats, the E&Y report says.