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Synonyms for adrenalectomy

surgical removal of one or both adrenal glands

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After adrenalectomy, rats recovered for seven days at which time both intact and adrenalectomized rats were not inoculated, or were inoculated by gavage with 3.
A study on adult male rats Sprague--Dawley showed that adrenalectomy increased plasma ACTH was after 7 days [10].
Adrenalectomy was considered since no tumor could be localized for resection.
PAC [greater than or equal to]30 ng/d L and a well-defined hypodense adrenal mass), AVS can be bypassed and unilateral adrenalectomy can be performed (2,10).
Patient with islet cell carcinoid was subjected to bilateral adrenalectomy and also received chemotherapy as the primary was inoperable.
Simultaneous changes of the perivascular contact area and HIOMT activity in the pineal organ after bilateral adrenalectomy in the rat.
Additional analyses demonstrated that the effects of adrenalectomy on dopamine levels were limited only to certain regions of the NAc (i.
Prolonged aortic clamp time exceeding 30 to 45 minutes during aortic aneurysm surgery' and left-sided nephrectomy has been implicated, as has splenectomy, pneumonectomy and adrenalectomy.
Although radiation therapy to the lymph nodes resulted in palliation of symptoms, 6 years later a bilateral adrenalectomy with adrenal hormone replacement was undertaken as definitive therapy for recurrent symptoms.
The second edition has been updated to reflect recent advances in such areas as the etiology and molecular biology of endocrine neoplasms and the use of laparoscopic adrenalectomy to remove small adrenal tumors.
The inhibition of uterine growth by ANT suggests the former, consistent with the demonstration by Branham and Sheehan (1995) that ovariectomy or adrenalectomy of PND6 rats decreased uterine growth.
Our high-risk patient was managed with the combination of simultaneous coronary artery bypass grafting and adrenalectomy.
Adrenalectomy is also reasonable for patients with masses between 4 cm and 6 cm if further examinations at 6- to 12-month intervals show growth or hormonal change, or if patients are at risk for pheochromocytoma.
Besides left nephrectomy, iatrogenic splenic injury (ISI) may happen during left hemi-colectomy, left adrenalectomy, and retroperitoneal lymph node dissection.