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JAZZ up your summer wardrobe with a sparkling bracelet like the ones that adorn the wrists of tennis superstars, including Serena Williams - but without the hefty price tag.
The courses are possible thanks to the Will to Adorn program of the Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage which hand selected MoAD because of its effective approach to developing curriculum.
INEXPENSIVE paintbrushes are a false economy, and the new handcrafted Adorn brushes (The Adorn Professional Paint Brush Set, PS18.
Summary: Westerners have found an oriental alternative to tattoos as they flock to Dubai's tourist hot spots to adorn their bodies with henna, an Arabian art form used to adorn women's bodies for
Summary: Global recession or not, car owners in Ludhiana dig deep into their pockets for fancy digits to adorn their number plates.
Banksy's work also adorn a wall in Liverpool - recently partly covered-up.
So get with your girl, and shoot us a letter telling why you're dying to adorn yourselves.
Procida is also working with Brooklyn's Rotunda Gallery to select unique pieces of art to adorn the hallways throughout the building.
Amoeba Squared, a hand-knotted Tibetan wool rug, will adorn the office/media room; Pattern Squares, also hand-knotted Tibetan wool, will be in the living room; and Fiesta, a hand-tufted New Zealand wool runner, will cover the main hallway on the second floor of the house.
Several decades ago, as scientists began to piece together the structure of the beads, they observed that small groups of atoms known as acetyl or methyl groups frequently adorn the histones.
Commissioned to adorn the church of Santa Ana, a Cuzco parish strongly associated with the Inkas' main ethnic rivals, the Chachapoyas and Canaris, these beautiful works recorded in almost documentary detail the lavish performances of particular parishes, confraternities, religious orders.
ADORN, Equip, an exhibition that examines issues involving the design of equipment and accessories for disabled people, has inspired the production of beautiful, functional objects and thought-provoking work.
In the corners of thousands of poor homes, many only earth-floored single rooms, a generous space is given to the shrine of the Madonna--photos are pinned up, statues of other saints cluster around her, holy cards, flowers, and lights adorn this heart of the home.
Original artwork by, and photos of, the spiritual leader Sri Chimnoy adorn the walls and his good ways infuse every inch of this relaxing restaurant.
Using false hair, she divides her attention between the hair that we adorn and the kind that is ignored, considered vaguely embarrassing.