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Synonyms for adorable

Synonyms for adorable

easy to love


Synonyms for adorable

lovable especially in a childlike or naive way

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Miss Miranda is tall and rather flat; she is too pale; she hasn't the adorable rougeurs of the little Anglaise.
I felt my pulse go faster when with your adorable simplicity you told me that you buried your face in her long hair.
when I took my wife along on the cruise of the Minota, we found on board a nigger-chasing, adorable Irish terrier puppy, who was smooth-coated like Jerry, and whose name was Peggy.
She frowned at his facetiousness - a pretty, adorable frown that made him put his arm around her and kiss it away.
It's always a winner, especially with the women--so cunning, you know, so adorable cute, to be yanked out of its beloved master's pocket and to have such trust and confidence in him as to allow herself to be tossed around that way.
She replied, with a mixture of modest evasiveness and adorable simplicity, that she had sometimes seen gentlemen angling from a meadow-bank about a quarter of a mile below her flower-garden.
If I could be sure beforehand that these pages would only be read by persons actually occupied in the making of love--that oldest and longest-established of all branches of manufacturing industry--I could go into some very tender and interesting particulars on the subject of my first day's fishing, under the adorable auspices of Alicia.
Her ladyship, 'a most gracious and adorable mistress,' was in constant attendance on her noble husband.
Come and see," Biedenbach answered with his adorable accent.
I remember them as two most adorable tots," said Uncle Blair, shaking hands.
His heart now brought forth the full secret, at the same time that it assured him the adorable object returned his affection.
And rescue us from ourselves," she completed, with a most adorable smile, whimsical as I had never seen it, for it was whimsical with love.
I know I have a habit of it, and I thank you very much, my adorable girl, for taking the trouble to correct it; but my mother is admitted on all sides to be a remarkably fine woman, and she really hasn't any.
So far from it, my adorable girl,' answered Mr Sparkler, 'I apologise for having said so much.
And after that, the bridesmaids begin to come by rail- road from various parts of the country, and to come like adorable recruits enlisted by a sergeant not present; for, on arriving at the Veneering depot, they are in a barrack of strangers.