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extreme attractiveness


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It should be pointed out that at this point in the 2004 campaign, Kerry's adorability rating was actually higher than Bush's, and he still lost.
but sometimes she gets the adorability factor just right.
It was reputed to be one of the finest in the nation, so dawn found me driving my sick little bundle of ultimate adorability through vineyards and wheat fields in a desperate quest for help and hope.
Fans loved him, too, his presence in the lineup a combination of cartoonish adorability and raw right-handed power, the likes of which had not been seen around Fenway since the days of Jimmie Foxx.
The people who will be most satisfied with The Boy From Oz are those who can't get enough of Hugh Jackman, He's likable in his lanky, flesh-faced Tommy Tune way, although he's slightly outshone in the adorability department by 11-year-old Mitchel David Federan, who plays the chubby, tap-dancing; butt-wagging Young Peter, underscoring the showbiz maxim about sharing the stage with kids animals.
Noteworthy performances: We have to buy Williams' endearing quirkiness to buy the show's whole premise, but she's trying too hard to accentuate her adorability.