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therapy designed to produce immunity to a disease or to enhance resistance by the immune system

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Genetic engineering of T cells for adoptive immunotherapy.
Application of the REM technology to adoptive immunotherapy may enable the potential of this approach to be realized.
Cell Medica's own lead product, adoptive immunotherapy for cytomegalovirus infections (AIM-CMV), is currently being tested in a Phase III clinical trial across 14 hospitals in the UK.
These features give researchers at CellExSys the potential to exploit the power of the body's natural defense mechanisms to develop treatments for infectious diseases and cancer in a process known as adoptive immunotherapy and provide additional opportunities in the areas of antigen discovery, functional genomics and drug and vaccine development initiatives.
He maintains a research laboratory that studies various mechanisms of lymphocyte activation that relate to immune tolerance and adoptive immunotherapy.
Carl June, the Penn sponsor on the trial, stated, "the combination of DCVax(R)-L for ovarian cancer with adoptive immunotherapy using T cells primed by DCVax(R)-L is an innovative approach that deserves testing in clinical trials.
et al, entitled "CD28 costimulation and immunoaffinity-based selection efficiently generate primary gene-modified T cells for adoptive immunotherapy," was carried out in the laboratories of Stan Riddell, M.
It describes how previous adoptive immunotherapy using just CD8+ cells had shown no benefit and that cancer vaccines would have to elicit both CD4+ and CD8+ cells to be effective.
The Company's second technology TGF-Beta Shield(TM) utilizes an adoptive immunotherapy approach to target cancers and fibrotic diseases.
3764 "Editing Human Lymphocyte Specificity for Safe and Effective Adoptive Immunotherapy of Leukemia" Poster Session: Gene Therapy and Transfer: Poster II
These adoptive immunotherapy technologies are designed to work by helping the immune system fight cancer.
Humoral Immunity and Plasma Cell Changes in Patients Responding to CD19-Specific Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR)-Modified T-cell Adoptive Immunotherapy (Abstract #1110; December 6, 5:30 PM C 7:30 PM)[sup.
The Corporation's second technology program TGF-Beta Shield(TM) utilizes an adoptive immunotherapy approach to target cancers and fibrotic diseases.
Hematology/Medical Oncology: Hem-Onc Authorization Guideline Notes; Adjuvant Chemotherapy; Adoptive immunotherapy (AIT); Anti-emetic therapy; Antineoplaston therapy; Blood-brain barrier disruption by osmotic agents - coverage; Bone marrow/Stem cell transplant (BMT); Chemotherapy; Umbilical cord blood compatibility testing; Chemoresistance assays/Tumor chemosensitivity; Colorectal cancer therapy; Colon cancer - KRAS Gene Mutation Test; Cryosurgical ablation hepatic lesions; Dendritic cell immunotherapy for cancer; Donor Lymphocyte/Leukocyte Infusions;