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a person who adopts a child of other parents as his or her own child

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The aim of the new IoT navigation tool is to help accelerate IoT market growth by assisting adopters to make informed decisions about which platforms are most likely to meet their requirements at any particular time.
As of March 2013, 260 gay people had been awarded approved adopter status in England with 155 of these having actually adopted a child.
The adoption of innovation like mobile TV is affected by several factors including adopter categories, perceived characteristics of innovation, perceived popularity, and adopters' demographics (Rogers, 2003).
Now it only takes an average of six months from starting the assessment process to becoming an approved adopter.
The results of the descriptive statistics shown in Table 2 reveal that the average age of nonadopters was 49 years while that of adopters of organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizers were 45 years and 44.
Adoption has generally been considered a positive and well-meaning humanitarian gesture toward children in need of families; however, in this book Gailey does a good job of deconstructing any myths surrounding adoption, and successfully calls into question the motivations of different groups of adopters.
Whether or not an adopter paid the fee was a function of when the shelter was running promotional campaigns for adoptions by offering fee waivers.
In this final part of the series, we turn to some additional practical considerations and questions for potential adopters of this technology.
Most states had passed adoption laws in the nineteenth century, following the 1851 Massachusetts statute that defined adoption as a matter of children's welfare and called upon courts to verify that adopters were "of sufficient ability to bring up the child .
a Dassault Systemes (Nasdaq:DASTY) company and market-leading provider of 3D development technologies, recently recognized the first ten recipients of the Component Application Architecture (CAA) V5 development platform at the Adopter level.
These firms were then assigned to adopter groups based on both the number of innovative products used, and the time of first use of each p roduct relative to other builders.
Two differences between our study and BLV lead to fundamental differences in the studies' JIT adopter samples.