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someone (such as a child) who has been adopted

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060 proclaims, "[F]or purposes of intestate succession, a relationship of parent and child must be established to determine succession by, through, or from a person, an adopted person is the child of an adopting parent and not of the natural parents.
So as a minimum I believe that access should be extended to the children and grandchildren of an adopted person - including those who are themselves adopted.
Just stop and think about it from the perspective of the adopted person.
A review of relevant theoretical perspectives on racial identity follows as a foundation for the wider discussion of racial identity development as it pertains to the transracially adopted person.
As an adopted person, I am aware of the difficulties an adopted child can have growing up which strengthens my resolve to raise money for this wonderful organisation.
Triseliotis, "Identity Formation and the Adopted Person Revisited," in The Dynamics of Adoption: Social and Personal Perspectives, ed.
This register is open to the public and is a primary means of contact between the adopted person and the birth parents, if all parties agree.
One of the objections to international adoption is the fear that an adopted person will lose their connection to their culture, their language and their heritage.
Virtual adoption is an equitable remedy that puts the virtually adopted person in the position he or she would be in had the adoption been formalized --While it is true that "[t]he nature of equitable adoption is a remedy in equity to enforce a contract right, not to create the relationship of parent and child," (10) what may be equitably enforced is far from concrete.
Nevertheless, almost every adopted person has been asked, "Have you ever met your real parents.
Q AS an adopted person, I feel vulnerable when employers ask for my full birth certificate as proof of my identity as I don't have a passport.
The Adoption Mystique is uncompromising in its view that adoption should be a process that considers the rights of the adoptee over the wishes of the birth parents or adoptive parents in instances where no compromise is possible, examines bias against adoptees in the media and society, and debunks the myth that an adopted person is sundered of ties to their heritage, or that they should just "get over" the need to search for their birth record information.
Instead, the bill provided the opportunity for an adopted person or a parent to register a "no-contact" notice.
Similarly there is a rash of self-help guides written with the prospective adoptive parent in mind or written for the adopted person searching for his/her birth family.