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a house built of sod or adobe laid in horizontal courses

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Where the novel dwells on his visions of adobe houses it feels dated and slow, but it has more to it than this.
Shineywater and Hughes spent seven months recording the album in the second floor loft of the adobe house, working off the electricity collected by those four solar panels, and at times
Born in an adobe house in Taiwan, the brilliant scientist-to-be studied at Texas A&M University; he became a U.
We photocopied pictures of six types of houses - a solar home, Victorian mansion, adobe house, log cabin, New England Salt Box and a castle.
From the outset, the project involved more than physically moving the adobe house.
There are ruins of an old adobe house adjacent to the property and a stone wall that probably dates to the 19th century running along the road in front.
LANCASTER -- A bit of Antelope Valley history in the form of an unassuming adobe house in downtown Lancaster is at the center of a debate between city officials and local historical preservationists.
at the Gilmore Adobe House, 6333 West Third St located at The Farmers Market.
Justice O'Connor grew up in an adobe house on the Lazy-B Ranch in southeastern Arizona and felt that adobe was the best choice for the house she and her husband John wanted to build.
My client requested an adobe house that was visually quiet in the landscape," says architect Beverley Spears, whose Santa Fe practice is noted for its subtly modern approach to regional design and landscape architecture.
Canoga Park Presbyterian started in an adobe house that was once part of a poultry ranch on Vanowen Street, west of Canoga Park High School.
See inventor Mike McCain's ingenious building tools and methods; a room addition to an adobe house and eight-foot tall privacy walls; inventor Sean Sands operating a stock tank mixer and finish-plastering his dome home; and several houses made with papercrete, including spray-on and slipform techniques.
Until then, Friends of the Lopez Adobe - a nonprofit group headed by Councilwoman Julie Ruelas and focused on raising money for the city's only other museum, the Lopez Adobe house - would run the facility.
Still, the Crawfords built an adobe house, began a farm, raised their children.
Aqui no es meson,'' responded lilting voices behind each adobe house door.