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of or pertaining to adnexa


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Derivation of a second generation multivariate index assay (MIA2G) to improve specificity in pre-surgical evaluation of adnexal masses for risk of ovarian cancer" reported on the development and design verification of the OVA2 test.
Pre-operative impression was adnexal mass probably coexisting with unilateral ectopic pregnancy.
This provides a large field of view, optimal to demonstrate large or widespread processes such as large adnexal masses or hemoperitoneum.
A total of 189 vulvar adnexal lesions were identified (Tables 1 and 2).
Appendiceal mucocele should be considered in differential diagnosis of right adnexal masses with tubular structures.
A 60 yrs old postmenopausal lady was referred to our outpatient department with a complex right adnexal mass for surgery.
They found no statistically significant differences by histology classification for ancillary ultrasound characteristics, including adnexal masses, myomatous masses, or free pelvic fluid.
The American Fertility Society classifications of adnexal adhesions, distal tubal occlusion, tubal occlusion secondary to tubal ligation, tubal pregnancies, mullerian anomalies and intrauterine adhesions.
They discuss orbital tumors, refractive surgery, conductive keratoplasty, glaucoma imaging, age- related macular degeneration, ocular and adnexal injuries in warfare, genetic testing and counseling, phacomorphic glaucoma, the management of subluxated lenses, craniopharyngioma, phacoemulsification in vitrectomized eyes, retinal cysts, and the management of rhegmatogenous retinal detachment by vitreoretinal techniques.
The report stated: "There is a mild solid enlargement of the left adnexal area measuring 4.
This was followed by the second forum, in April, on adnexal trauma led by Dr Andrea Sciscio and Dr Edmondo Borasio, both from the MoorfieldCOs Eye Hospital.
The chapter further describes specialized adnexal structures, such as the uropygial gland and feathers.
Of the 99 women with primary infertility examined, 48 had adnexal pathology indicative of previous inflammation.
Abstract: A 65-year-old female presented with constitutional symptoms of fever and weight loss with bilateral adnexal masses on physical examination.
A computed tomographic scan of the abdomen and pelvis showed two septated adnexal masses, a 12x7x5 cm mass on the right and a 6x4x2 cm mass on the left; the patient was referred to the gynecologic surgery department.