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accessory or adjoining anatomical parts or appendages to an organ (especially of the embryo)


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On examination, her pulse rate was 86 bpm, BP was 128/82 mmHg, abdomen was soft, non-tender on pervaginal examination, the uterus was bulky, bilateral adnexa were free and non-tender and cervical motion tenderness was present.
Tumors of the eye and ocular adnexa at the Philippine eye research institute a 10-year review.
If there was enclosed masses, then the correlation of the morphology, size, boundary and internal echo of the enclosed mass with surrounding organs as well as the blood flow of bilateral adnexa area and trophoblast around enclosed masses were observed.
The bleeding caused by the adhesiolysis at the level of right adnexa caused us to perform total hysterectomy and bilateral adnexectomy.
The presented case is the only case from our files with multiple locations: left adnexa, rectosigmoid, and pericolic lymph nodes.
The adnexa of the uterus comprises the space occupied by the ovaries and fallopian tubes in women.
Each number corresponds to a compartment in the pelvis, starting from the left adnexa, and going down to the pouch of Douglas and back up to the right adnexa.
retinal detachment, Stimulation of trigeminal hyperopia nerve Blepharitis Red eye, flaking skin on Increased sensitivity of lids, gritty or itchy eye adnexa.
Intraoperatively, the IUD was found to be partly buried in right adnexa and was firmly attached to right tube and ovary.
Ultrasound reveals a mass in the left adnexa with debris and internal echoes.
An evaluation of the adnexa was slightly limited secondary to multiple tortuous pelvic veins (FIGURE 1).
5 cm) in the right adnexa containing numerous small floating, highly echogenic round masses (Fig.
The term adnexa is derived from the pleural form of the Latin word meaning appendage'.