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of unlike parts or organs

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Lamellae creamy to brown, sub-crowded, adnate to adnexed, broad, margin entire to somewhat crenuate.
Lamellae adnate with decurrent tooth near, greyish brown (6D3) becoming dark brown (6F6) in age, lamellulae present, edges straight and conspicuously white (6A1).
Gills of young specimens are Gills of young specimens are yellowish-pink, over time they whitish, over time they darken darken to rusty brown, with darker to flesh-brown, sometimes with spots; adnate or decurrent on to darker spots; slightly stipe.
5 mm appendages adnate to the petals for 8-12 mm; stamens completely exposed at anthesis, erect; filaments terete, white, the antesepalous ones free, the antepetalous ones shortly adnate to the petals; anthers linear, 8-10 mm long, filiform at anthesis, fixed near the base, distinctly shorter than the petals; pollen narrowly ellipsoid, sulcate, exine broadly reticulate, lumina subrounded, muri narrowed; style slightly shorter than the petals, white; stigma conduplicate-spreading, blades slightly contorted with recurved apices, densely papillose, white, ca.
One of the reversible reasons of intrauterine as well as postnatal paroxysmal tachycardia can be asphyxia and adnate infection.
The staminodial ring is adnate, high or low in the corolla.
Thallus squamulose, of adnate squamules III--SQUAMULOSE LICHENS 4.
Lamellae adnate to sinuate, whitish in young stage to pale reddish- brown of chocolate brown, with margin whitish and entire.
Stamens 5; filaments slender, adnate at middle of the corolla tube, slightly winged at base; anthers dorsifixed, bilobed, [+ or -] sagittate, creamy-white.
The wing of the seeds are articulate, easily separated from the seed, to weakly adnate, not easily separated.
Hymenium: Gills, adnate, close, broad (moderately), pale yellow at first, becoming brown with age.
Mayfly larvae, which use brushlike labial palps to feed, removed microalgae from the upper layer of the periphyton, but had no discernible effect on the lower adnate layer.
linearis, the stalked diatom Cymbella cymbiformis, and the small adnate diatom Synedra ulna were consistently the most abundant algae in pools with snails alone.
Victorian street artists including Rone and Adnate will be part of the project, alongside Russian artist Julia Volchkova, with more artists to be announced.
Androecium of 4 stamens, didynamous, filaments 30-32 mm long, adnate to the corolla tube for 15-17 mm, white, glabrous, coiling after anthesis; staminode absent; anthers sagittate, 5-6 x 2-3 mm, coherent by the lateral walls, dehiscence by basal pores that develop into longitudinal slits.