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Synonyms for admonisher

someone who gives a warning so that a mistake can be avoided

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Dunn has the challenge of making Father Murphy's sudden conversion from civil debater to zealous admonisher believably motivated.
In this, the shepherd, to use an Albertian notion, serves as the viewer's admonisher and at the same time represents the viewer.
Indeed, lest I should abandon the duty of being a faithful admonisher, I will admonish simply and candidly what a pious person should realize and to what he should attend.
A constant admonisher of unchecked progress, Pope John Paul II was not at odds with modernity but rather with a modernity which embraced a culture of death rather than one of life.
I have been sought out many times to be counsellor, therapist, confessor, teacher, mediator, admonisher and encourager but hardly ever to be a spiritual director.
In an earlier sonnet, "London, 1802," a despairing Wordsworth had invoked Milton as national admonisher and prophet: