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Synonyms for admonisher

someone who gives a warning so that a mistake can be avoided

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A longtime admonisher of climate change risks, Plumeri said changes in the environment are likely to increase the frequency of natural disasters that could set off major disruptions to the global economy.
See "Jakob Wurben of Biel: A Thoughtful Admonisher against Ludwig Hatzer and the Anabaptists," MQR 46 (July 1972), 239-255; see esp.
Dunn has the challenge of making Father Murphy's sudden conversion from civil debater to zealous admonisher believably motivated.
In this, the shepherd, to use an Albertian notion, serves as the viewer's admonisher and at the same time represents the viewer.
Indeed, lest I should abandon the duty of being a faithful admonisher, I will admonish simply and candidly what a pious person should realize and to what he should attend.
Letter 24, however, might appear to elicit what would be, even by this exacting definition, a full-blooded existentialist interpretation, since the moralizing distance between the virtuous, intelligent Stoic admonisher and the despairing addressee seems to have collapsed.