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Synonyms for admissible

Synonyms for admissible

capable of being accepted

capable of being allowed

Antonyms for admissible

deserving to be admitted


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He argued that since the Supreme Court in its July 28, 2017 verdict had relied on the JIT report, the trial court might treat it as admissible evidence.
Citing many court judgments, including one of 1958, he said the JIt report was just an investigation which was not an admissible evidence.
The defence counsel objected that Zia could only refer to the documents and instances and he could not narrate instances involving other persons or exhibit summaries, opinion or conclusions as evidence as these are not admissible under Qanoon-e-Shahadat (Law of Evidence).
The apex court has also declared that DNA cannot be considered the sole admissible evidence for convictions.
Section 65(B) of Indian Evidence Act says that electronic records needs to be certified by a person occupying a responsible official position for being admissible as evidence in any court proceedings.
A Supreme Court judge in a case observed that it never ruled that DNA report is not admissible evidence.
Admissible value of the basic absolute error limit when measuring the transmission factor
1) An insurer registered under this Ordinance to carry on non-life insurance business shall at all times have admissible assets in Pakistan in excess of its liabilities in Pakistan of an amount >or equal to the minimum solvency requirement.
Speaker Pantaleon 'Bebot' Alvarez on Thursday said that showing the alleged sex video of Senator Leila de Lima during the House probe would be a violation of the law, which clearly states that pornographic material is prohibited and is not admissible as evidence.
The organisation published, for the first time, interactive maps which delineate dangerous regions of countries exceeding the admissible limits of air pollution allowed by the organisation.
THE developer of a secure smartphone app used to capture court admissible video evidence in the insurance and utilities sectors is raising PS1.
His topics are admissible topological rings, the C-completion of an abstract module over a topological ring, the case of an admissible topological ring, the higher C-completions, the direct sum and direct limit of C-completion left A-modules, and ext and tor in the categories of C-complete left A-modules.
COVERT video evidence is admissible in the trials of six people charged with abuse in the Aras Attracta care home, a court has ruled.
The Bill has a provision for death penalty and fine of ` 10 lakh, and it empowers phone intercepts as admissible in the courts of law.
In the ongoing trial, an effort to find a scapegoat for both banks' failures which a public probe could not pinpoint, defence counsel Polys Polyviou raised an issue deciding on due process prior to any admissible facts being heard first, according to the Cyprus News Agency.