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acceptability by virtue of being admissible

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see, the term admissibility was defined by the Court narrowly, as the
2) Addressing these concerns, the Supreme Court set the standard for the admissibility of expert testimony in the 1993 case of Daubert v.
The parameters of admissibility in the rules were factors like being an issue of great public importance, relating to one definite issue and being a matter of recent occurrence, he said.
Another key dispute related to the admissibility of call record data held by various telephone service providers.
Although the Pre-Trial Chamber's Senussi decision's analysis of Article 17 began by distinguishing between unwillingness and inability, the Pre-Trial Chamber concluded that "the two limbs of the admissibility test, while distinct, are nonetheless intimately and inextricably linked," and that evidence relevant to each limb may overlap.
It also offers an excellent treatment of technological issues related to maintaining the validity and admissibility of evidence when the data is in a digital format, is processed and potentially manipulated, and exists only as a copy of the original.
On 31 May 2013, the ICC rejected Libya's challenge to the admissibility of the case against Saif Al Islam and reminded Libya of its obligation to surrender the suspect to the court in the Hague.
This Mock Trial and its complementary white papers will help prosecutors to shore up what examiners learn through training, and more effectively address any challenges to the admissibility of their mobile device evidence at trial.
The Court of Appeals of Connecticut noted that a real estate appraisal is not scientific evidence, and the admissibility standards for scientific evidence do not apply to real estate appraisals presented to Connecticut courts.
RAWALPINDI -- Admitting a petition for hearing, Rawalpindi Bench of Lahore High Court (LHC) on Tuesday stopped Special Anti-Narcotics Court from advancing proceedings in the Ephedrine quota case till determination of its admissibility.
The possibility of the ICJ and the ICC taking action in the wake of Israel's operation "Cast Lead" in the Gaza Strip; a jurisdiction and admissibility analysis.
6) This requirement is known as the gravity threshold for admissibility.
BARDO (TAP) - The impeachment motion against the President of the Republic was considered inadmissible during the plenary session of the National Constituent Assembly (NCA)held, on Wednesday, devoted to the examination of the conditions of admissibility of the motion.
Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi, cited in Lindsay Hilsum, Sandstorm (2012) In the coming weeks the International Criminal Court (ICC) is expected to make a much-awaited decision regarding the Libyan Government's admissibility challenge presented in the case against Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi.
Partner, Goldberg Segalla LLP will speak at the Knowledge Congress' webcast entitled: “Legal Series: Internet and E-Mail: Admissibility Issues of Electronic Evidence at Trial Explored.