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The governor's waiting down at the Admiralty for me.
said Athos, "who are going to be killed, in order that Monsieur de Bouillon may have his estate at Sedan restored to him, that the reversion of the admiralty may be given to the Duc de Beaufort, and that the coadjutor may be made a cardinal.
Hamilton, a professor of modern European history at the University of the Witwatersrand, writes that he first became interested in this subject because he wished to know who did what at the Admiralty and how they did it.
From the Judgment and order, dated:9-12-1991 passed by the High Court Division in Admiralty Suit No.
What modus operandi applied between London's private chart-publishers, Arrowsmith specifically, and the newly established British Admiralty Hydrographic Office?
Savills has been appointed by the British government as the sales agent for the leasehold interest in Admiralty Arch in London.
Through his influence, the Council of the Royal Society persuaded Lord Sandwich, First Lord of the Admiralty, to dispatch an expedition to attempt to reach the Far East via the North Pole.
Harmon, a case which was interpreted for several decades to hold that the Limitation Act formed an independent basis for admiralty jurisdiction.
A row occurred in Parliament 100 years ago this week over plans by the Admiralty to commandeer more than 600 acres of farm land.
Morales promotes trade and investment opportunities in the Philippines and in ASEAN during the Chinese New Year Gathering organized by the ASEAN Chambers of Commerce in Hong Kong and Macau held on 6 March 2018 at the JW Marriott Hotel in Admiralty, Hong Kong.
Admiralty Arch Waldorf Astoria, London will open in 2022, following an extensive on-going refurbishment programme which will restore and protect the iconic landmark's architectural and historical features.
United States Admiralty Enforcement Jurisdiction Outside
THE ADMIRALTY LAW COMMITTEE'S annual update seminar was recently hosted by Shutts & Bowen in Miami.
The Indian cabinet approved the shipping ministry proposal to enact Admiralty (Jurisdiction and Settlement of Maritime Claims) Bill 2016, a proposed law to empower the high court more in respect to claims associated with transport by sea and navigable waterways.
The focus of this book is on the admiralty law that students will need to know as practicing admiralty lawyers, and the selection of cases is weighted in favor of the practical over the theoretical and the modern over the historical.