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the tiresome but essential details that must be taken care of and tasks that must be performed in running an organization

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To control budget, drive operational efficiency and bring more legal work in-house, one of the first steps is to devise a strategy and tactics to reduce the burden of administrivia through technology-enabled and data-driven process enhancement.
The desktop manager, however, is convinced that performing efficiently in all manner of administrivia can mask inadequate people management.
According to Tim O'Shea of Seamark Consulting, an EIS should "reduce administrivia, provide managers with key variables and operating indicators without paper just like an airline cockpit.
Computers facilitate many things in higher education - teaching, learning, writing, research, administrivia - and they do so by enabling individual teachers, students, staff and administrators.
Instead of getting stuck in the administrivia of trying to keep software running, why not spend time selling loans where it does the most good for the company and leave the software issues to outside experts.
Dear Editor: While I sympathize with your column ("A Passage to India"), recommending that workers' comp insurers outsource their administrivia to India, I would respectfully point out that the major portion of comp costs are not administration, but the medical costs and associated impairment ratings and settlements derived from medical treatment.
In reality the messages run the gamut of any friendly -- and sometimes not so friendly -gathering of colleagues: daily survival skills, administrivia, personal and family interests, budget woes, news of the day, recommended resources, trends and theories, political commentary, book and movie discussions, even bad jokes.
The net effect of these rituals, regulations, and rule making is that SBDM Councils become bogged down in ceremonial debates about the adequacy of bylaws, modifying them again and again to fit some nuance of administrivia.
Our goal is to eliminate administrivia and allow employers to be more strategic.
The scan," continues Golden, "confirmed what our directors instinctively knew about how the world in which they were doing business had changed, giving them new confidence to jettison a stale governance process of endless reports and time spent on administrivia.
For years principals have guiltily confessed that administrivia consumes their working lives and denies them opportunities for instructional supervision or leadership.