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Synonyms for administrator

Synonyms for administrator

a person having administrative or managerial authority in an organization

Synonyms for administrator

the party appointed by a probate court to distribute the estate of someone who dies without a will or without naming an executor

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someone who manages a government agency or department

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If the administrator fails in this role, the result is organizational inconsistencies and breakdowns.
Meanwhile, another influential eye--that of the television camera--plays an under-appreciated role in determining how doctors and administrators look at each other, suggests Keith Noll, vice president and administrator of cardiovascular services at Wellspan Health, in York, Pennsylvania.
As some storage administrators learned the hard way, when an organization uses a single multiswitch fabric for multiple SAN applications, any disruption in one part of the fabric can impair the entire network.
Burnout almost got to John Vrba, administrator at Manor Health Care Services in Hinsdale, Ill.
Even when they're not keeping their borders sealed so tight, college administrators have been adopting harsh measures in response to unapproved student behavior.
At least four administrators were involved and LAUSD officials said disciplinary action is pending.
In addition, formalizing the terms of an agreement in writing protects a taxpayer from the risk that a future state tax administrator will not honor an informal agreement made with a former administrator.
The success or failure of the planning process hinges on administrators first answering several critical questions.
Sensing that the administrator was overly involved with the program and that his self-identity was too connected to success, Bennett decided that his "big picture" did not coincide with the personality of the administrator, and he {Bennett} refused to compromise his philosophy.
Few public officials are better paid--or less accountable--than school administrators
The plan administrator would be required to file a report with the Department of Labor and to send a copy to the auditor.
Path A administrator courses include readings and discussion, while Path B's and C's are intensive study of a major topic of district-wide direction or significance, supported by a facilitated course (with Path C's characterized by more independent work).
Over the years, the positions of administrator and director of nursing (DON) have evolved significantly.
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