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49) In her view, any time an administrative official exercises legal authority, he or she is obliged to consider how fundamental legal values, including the Charter, affects his or her legal mandate.
Local administrative officials said the prisoner used explosives to blast through an airlock security door before making his way out of the facility with five staff hostages.
In Hanover County, Virginia, officials from the county and schools, as well as elected officials, sit next to the finance officer and chief administrative official at finance meetings.
She was an administrative official in Mosul's Khansa hospital.
In 1954, he was appointed as an administrative official in the Governorate of South Lebanon
Asmatullah Khan, an administrative official, said three fighter hideouts and the houses of two Taliban commanders had been destroyed.
President Obama had been informed and is following the outbreak closely, an administrative official said Friday.
The top administrative official in Khyber said in a statement that the blast killed five people and wounded three.
He had been led to believe that Mary Martin had been accompanied by a Commons administrative official on taxi trips for which she claimed more than pounds 4,000 in expenses.
found its new mill manager from within its own ranks, appointing longtime woodlands manager Marc Dube as its top administrative official in August.
Normally, a Supreme Court on appellate review is hard pressed to overturn a trial judge who has found in favor of an administrative official.
Speaking at a regular press conference, Hirose, the top administrative official at the Ministry of International Trade and Industry said, ''We are concerned about the negative impact this (soaring crude oil prices) will have on the world economy.
2) Similarly, activities undertaken through a professional association to influence noncovered official administrative actions should not be transmuted to "attempts to influence legislation" where the administrative official may "participate in the formulation" of future legislation.
A senior administrative official, Narowal DCO Najaf Iqbal in a statement said that the number of people injured due to the firing has risen to 14.
Amjad Ali Khan, the district's top administrative official, told media that the attackers had doused furniture with petrol before setting it ablaze.
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