administrative hearing

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a hearing that takes place outside the judicial process before hearing examiners who have been granted judicial authority specifically for the purpose of conducting such hearings

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October 2008: Florida OIR grants request for hearing with Division of Administrative Hearings.
However, in a concurring opinion, several of the judges cautioned future taxpayers not to interpret this case as allowing the introduction of evidence withheld from the administrative hearing.
While the Administrative Procedure Act allows parties to be "accompanied, represented, and advised by counsel," it does not state or suggest that parties are entitled to discuss their on-going testimony with counsel while on breaks at an administrative hearing.
To conclude, the solution is not as the authors submit, for the legislature to "clarify the statute to prevent its use for forum shopping and inconsistent decision making," but for the legislature to compel the Division of Administrative Hearings to conduct a formal administrative hearing when third parties, such as the authors' clients, intervene in these types of administrative proceedings and raise factual disputes.
Second, it gave parents and schools the right to go to an administrative hearing (and then on appeal to courts) on any issue related to the child's right to a free, appropriate education in the least restrictive setting.
In April, Florida Administrative Hearing Judge Fred Buckine upheld the manatee protection zones established by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission last year.
Circuit Court of Appeals, Eleventh Circuit reviewed a case where a Florida deputy sheriff was fired after refusing to answer questions at an administrative hearing where he had been advised that he was not being compelled to answer any questions.
Waddle is likely to be ordered instead to appear as early as Wednesday at a non-criminal administrative hearing called an ''admiral's mast,'' before Adm.
While HCFA accepts POCs in most cases, the rules further provide that if HCFA accepts a POC without applying one of the sanctions listed above, the right to an administrative hearing is rescinded.
In theory, nursing home operators can request an administrative hearing to oppose alleged deficiencies and then seek judicial review if the administrative hearing rules against them.
Can a physician's noncompliance with the reprimand and administrative fees result in an administrative hearing to determine whether the physician's license may be suspended, revoked, or whether he can otherwise be disciplined?
The FIB issued an Order of Summary Suspension, a Cease and Desist Order and a Notice of Opportunity for Administrative Hearing in the matter.
Under ICANN rules, cybersquatting cases -- where one party abuses another party's rights by holding a domain name that is confusingly similar to the other party's trademark or service mark -- will be resolved by a mandatory administrative hearing administered by the National Arbitration Forum or by WIPO.
At a formal administrative hearing testimony is taken, documentary evidence is introduced and a record is made.
Its other option, the route of an administrative hearing, would have meant a probable appeal to the courts anyway, explained attorney Robert J.
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