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the body of rules and regulations and orders and decisions created by administrative agencies of government

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He has also worked for the US Federal Aviation Administration, public relations firm Cohn & Wolfe and as a public information officer for the Fire Rescue Department in Gainesville, Florida.
Food and Drug Administration, public health funding and climate change.
The contractor will provide visitor control administration, public affairs and operations support.
With scopes of work that include administration, public works and community development, both Milton and Johns Creek plan to closely follow the private-sector model established in Sandy Springs.
Congress established many new agencies, including the Civilian Conservation Corps, National Youth Administration, Public Works Administration, and Work Projects Administration, which hired people to perform useful tasks.
Orkin's extensive reporting system provides everything needed for reviews by administration, public health inspectors, medical personnel, and healthcare accreditation boards.
Her skills range from research, grant preparation and administration, public presentations, and editing and writing, to oversight of water monitoring programs.
The Health Care Book acquisition strengthens Jones and Barlett's position among the leaders in health care publishing, adding over 150 textbooks and over 400 professional books in the fields of health administration, public health, medicine, nursing, allied health, criminal justice, fundraising, and nonprofit management.
Aspen's Health Care Book Publishing division produces over 150 textbooks and more than 400 professional books in the fields of health administration, public health, medicine, nursing, allied health, criminal justice, fundraising and non-profit management.
NASPAA promotes excellence in public service education through its nationwide network of almost 250 university programs in public administration, public policy, and nonprofit management.
The first two phases would force cutbacks in services and positions in administration, public health, and clinic and hospital services.
As an outgrowth of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Works Projects Administration, public phones were designed to keep millions of Americans in a job because they were designed to break.
to consult on its budget and administration, public service began to suffer.
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