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  • verb

Synonyms for administrate

to have charge of (the affairs of others)

to oversee the provision or execution of

Synonyms for administrate

work in an administrative capacity

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Regarding the Facebook pages, the statement said Salah was administrating pages related to human rights and freedom issues, while Ahmed supported the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood's regime.
He on the occasion appealed to the parents to cooperate with the polio workers in administrating polio drops to their kids to ensure them protected from crippling disease.
Administrating such injections cause various health issues that lead to different kind of ailments including kidney diseases, a kidney Physician Puran Kumar Koshistani revealed to reporter Friday.
He urged the health authorities not to miss even a single child from administrating the AntiPolio drops especially in Katcha, remote and rural areas of the district.
CHOICE Administrators[R], based in Orange, California, is the nation's leader in developing and administrating Employee Choice health benefit programs including CaliforniaChoice, CaliforniaChoice 51+ and Kaiser Permanente Choice Solution, its successful consumer-driven health care programs for small and mid-size groups, and Contractor's Choice[R], for employers on public works projects.
CHOICE Administrators(R) is the nation's leader in developing and administrating employee-choice health benefit programs including CaliforniaChoice and CaliforniaChoice 51+, its successful consumer-driven health care programs for small- and mid-size groups, Contractor's Choice(R), for employers on public works projects, and Kaiser Permanente Choice Solution, a new employee-choice program for employers with 2-50 employees.
Suhl has almost thirty years experience in the management of administrating, underwriting and sourcing of commercial loans.
This summer, National Coal plans on opening a surface mine, a highwall mine, and an underground mine on its owned reserves in Tennessee and is administrating a number of infrastructure projects that will improve future opportunities.
Our clients are already accustomed to administrating many aspects of their retirement plans online, and we expect this latest innovation to further simplify their businesses.
After twenty years administrating networks, I can say that Subsentio is as good a company as there is to work with.
The new Definitive Guide covers these updates as well as a host of new tips for administrating and troubleshooting Terminal Services," explains author Greyson Mitchem.
Administrating these new services, Ecora's Professional Services Organization is comprised of dedicated Ecora personnel with years of technology expertise and a worldwide network of Ecora certified consultants.
emBoot provides network boot products that significantly reduce the cost and complexity of administrating servers, desktops, POS terminals and embedded systems.
XN removes the burden of administrating services from HR and risk management departments.
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