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Harris is one of Admen Partnership's long-standing clients with a relationship that spans 24 years.
Following the collapse of the Berlin Wall, the Russians invited a party of leading British admen to Moscow to help them develop an advertising industry.
Crime shows like CSI and The Shield deliver the viewers admen crave.
In Selling the Dream (Praeger), Hood defends the art of advertising from the self-hating sloganeers, telemarketers, and admen who help create it.
Admen Hilton and Gibbons founded Britain's first social marketing company, called Good Business, in 1997.
It sees Mel Gibson play Nick, a womanising advertising hotshot who is passed over as creative director of an advertising agency in favour of Darcy, a "man-eating bitch Darth Vadar of the ad world" (Helen Hunt), who presents him and his fellow admen and women with a pink box full of potential clients' products - from pantyhose, to lipstick, to leg wax - with the instruction to come up with some advertising ideas by 8.
Today the great accumulation of dead trees and litter, tinder-dry in many places from a protracted drought, constitutes a fire threat greater than anything the admen who were to invent Smokey Bear could possibly have conceived.
The admen came up with the infamous 1997 "Demon Eyes" poster that featured a satanic Tony Blair.
United Security Bancshares stock is available through The Siedler Admen Securities Inc.
No wonder ITV's admen adore him - they have so much in common.
In May a study finding that such propaganda has not reduced teenagers' drug use prompted sniping between the drug warriors who commission the messages and the admen who create them.
Get your portal a large enough following, then the admen get interested and you've got yourself a viable business.
Now whizzkid admen have declared the famous slogan to be past its sell-by date.
And if this scandal means the parties won't be able to afford the smart admen, meaningless slogans on billboards, spinmeisters and battle copters, they'll have to think of cheaper ways to reconnect with the punters.