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My dear adman fan, it is best that first you get your facts right and refer to my letters, since nowhere is it mentioned that loudspeakers should be removed.
In this way the '60s adman serves as a kind of everyman for today's United States, where, underlying the political volleys of Left and Right alike, lurks the anxious suspicion (and, in some quarters, denial) that the determinants of cultural identity during the past century--energy resources, wealth, power--have already assumed radically different characters, even as they are yet to be quantified and articulated in the popular consciousness.
Series creator Matthew Weiner couldn't hide his delight at having met Stan Freberg, a humorist and legendary adman of the '50s and '60s, and reporting, "Stan Freberg thinks the show is accurate and fun -- that's a big pat on the back.
Jon Rees, Matt Phillips and Evan Erstrich took three wickets apiece in Gymkhana's reply and the visitors were indebted to fine contributions of 56 from Adman Ghauri, and 40 each from Pervais Nazir and Anam Aname.
I took out an ING Direct account because it paid a competitive rate," says adman Simon, 33, from Harpenden, Herts.
Focusing on Barton's rendering of Jesus as a figure out of Dale Carnegie--indeed, as a veritable adman avant la lettre, hawking his teachings around the Holy Land--historians have typically interpreted Barton as epitomizing the nation's entree in the 1920s into modernity.
Founded earlier this year in New York by veteran adman Harald H.
Inspired partly by "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge," an Ambrose Bierce short story, Weidman made the girl in a yellow dress into a redemptive fantasy figure who helps a suicidal adman pull back from the brink.
A clumsy but still likable film, You I Love tells the story of yuppie adman Timofei (Evgeny Koryakovsky); his TV news anchor girlfriend, Vera (Lubov Tolkalina); and the young homeless man, Uloomji (Damir Badmaev), who comes between them.
Izzard played womanising adman Ralphie - a shallow but arrogant creep high on cocaine and testosterone injections.
Adman Aziz, aged 21, of Argyll Street, Stoke, Coventry, driving with excess alcohol, using a vehicle without insurance and with an incorrect licence, fined pounds 400 or 14 days imprisonment, banned from driving for 18 months and a drink-drive course offered and accepted.
adman and going to college in Colorado (where he was a competitive skier), he spent nine years in ad sales for Sports Illustrated in New York, Detroit, Chicago and Los Angeles.
In addition, Elinor Adman and coworkers of the Molecular Structure Visualization Core are in the process of crystallizing paraoxonase to determine its structure.
The video was produced by adman Bill Hillsman, who also devised clever populist campaign messages for Paul Wellstone and Jesse Ventura.
Parties are appealing a judge's dismissal in the latest round of legal wrangling surrounded the estate of late adman Ed Watkins "Watty" Wills.