adjutant stork

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large Indian stork with a military gait

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The Lesser Adjutant Stork, Leptoptilos javanicus, is a large wading bird of the stork ciconiidae family.
The Lesser Adjutant Stork breeds in the wetlands of tropical lowlands.
The global population of the Greater Adjutant stork is likely to be around 900-1,000, with the Bramhaputra region alone consisting of about 700 of them.
The birds include crested hawk Eagle, black headed oriole,Indian wild ass, weasel, painted stork, fan tail, peafowl, adjutant stork and black ibis.
Since then it has also pioneered hand-raising and rehabilitation of numerous species of wild animals including clouded leopards, rhinos, elephants, bears and birds like the greater adjutant storks and India's only apes -the Hoolock gibbons.