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Synonyms for adjutant

a person who holds a position auxiliary to another and assumes some of the superior's responsibilities

Synonyms for adjutant

an officer who acts as military assistant to a more senior officer

large Indian stork with a military gait

References in classic literature ?
No one is all happy from his beak to his tail," said the Adjutant sympathetically.
He turned stiffly, and shuffled to the top of the sand-bar, while the Jackal drew back with the Adjutant to the shelter of a tree stranded on the end nearest the railway bridge.
The Adjutant, being a first-class scavenger, is allowed to go where he pleases, and so this one never flinched.
It is no more than a gun," said the Adjutant, though his very tail-feathers quivered.
Curiously enough, the Jackal and the Adjutant made the very same remark not three minutes after the men had left.
Dispur(Assam)[India]Mar 16( ANI ): A young woman, Purnima Devi Barman, from Assam has been conferred the 'Nari Shakti Puraskar' by the President, Ram Nath Kovind, in New Delhi on "International Women's Day, for her efforts in conserving the Adjutant Stork which is almost on the verge of extinction.
The annual DAV Commanders and Adjutants Association meeting was held July 10 and 11 at DAV National Headquarters and was attended by 134 state-and national-level leaders.
The Adjutant General appreciated the vision, efficacy and development strategy of DHA and termed it impressive and progressive in its essence.
Two years later, he transferred from the Infantry to the Adjutant General's Corps and was promoted to brigadier general.
The adjutant guides the whole corps into formation during parades and then hurries to the front of the formation in a half-march, half-run strut or trot, which the audience finds charming, even funny.
Adjutant Suheil Hassan, Banias region, Al-Marana Village, married with 5 children
Units no longer officially have adjutant positions on their manning documents.
BEIRUT: First Adjutant in the Internal Security Forces Youssef Bahij Ahmar and an unidentified person were killed in a tragic car accident Friday at 5:30 am on the Kfar Abida highway, north of Beirut.
This had included him letting off a fire extinguisher at Daniel Brown, a guest of the adjutant, Captain Mark Davis, at a regimental ball.
Randal Thomas, the Illinois Guard's adjutant general.