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173) The first step, he suggests, is to identify the customer with care: "A customer relationship is a mutually adjustive working relationship in which the provider's main purpose is to meet the user's needs.
where [alpha], [beta] are constant adjustive factors, 0 [less than or equal to] [alpha] [less than or equal to] 1,0 [less than or equal to] [beta] [less than or equal to] 1; x is the individual; f ([x.
6 Continuous Adjustive (Flight control, sensor control) 4.
Seventh, the substantive content of a value may directly concern adjustive, ego defense, knowledge or self-actualizing functions while the content of an attitude is related to such functions only inferentially.
They cover chiropractic history, anatomy and biomechanical principles, joint examination, manipulative mechanics, the application of mobilization and traction, and adjustive techniques for the spine, pelvis, and extremities.
Thus family behavior is an adjustive process where cues are given and individual members respond to those stimuli.
All behavior is adjustive, and direct behavior occurs when the behaver makes "an actual immediate adjustment" (Kantor, 1924, p.
Thus, while acknowledging the arrangements established by those involved in earlier instances of trade in particular settings, Smith's argument is that rationality is a humanly achieved quality and, as such, is multiplistic, emergent, and adjustive.
They found a strong and widespread traditional use of herbs with harmonising, tonic and adjustive actions by the well established medical systems of the world including Persian, Ayurvedic, Chinese and Japanese medicine.
Her husband, Alfred, a specialist in adult education, stated after her death that he believed her work had been successful because she had succeeded in defining "what a 'culture-conscious' and 'situational' approach can mean in services to the family, where people learn basic adjustive perceptions in their association as whole personalities" (Sheffield & Sheffield, 1951, p.
They work from an ideological bias that emphasizes the situational, adjustive, and normative approach to social problems and their resolutions, whether this be in the classroom and their resolutions, whether this be in the classroom, the street, or the home.
adjustive strategies in the British and American women's suffrage movements.
Interests are one manifestation of values and may be the cognitive representation of the need to guide actions; evaluate self and others; and serve adjustive, knowledge, and self-actualization functions.
Yet even if it rains cats, dogs and sundry other domestic animals I have all the ingredients of some fine automotive memories to stave off my incurable - and medically unrecognised - Seasonally Adjustive Disorder Syndrome (SADS).
286) The act of striking a balance is termed "adjustive activity" by Emmette Redford: "In the concept of administration as adjustive activity, administration is an extension of the political process of adjustment among interests.