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Synonyms for adjuster

one who investigates insurance claims or claims for damages and recommends an effective settlement

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The Connecticut Insurance Department has introduced a new online program, through which insurance companies will be easily and quickly register their emergency adjusters with the state when a damaging storm occurs.
A public adjuster acts on behalf of the insured in negotiating or settling a property claim for compensation.
The special section's first story, "Period of Adjustment" page 25, reports on the findings of a Best's Review survey of independent insurance adjusters.
Her carrier's adjuster came out to the client's home four days after the Friday accident.
The public adjuster "passes the same tests and has to have the same training and adhere to the same rules as the company adjuster," Joiner said.
The insurance company adjuster represents the insurance company--not you.
Those who did not use a public adjuster typically received a settlement of $18,659 for 2004 hurricane-related claims versus $22,266 for those who did use one.
There was a lot of pressure to get an adjuster out as soon as possible to a loss.
Either the in-house risk management team or an outside adjuster should assess the damages as accurately and thoroughly as possible and gather all supporting documentation required to prove the claim.
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But in the case of the Wilson Adjuster Holster, we may in fact find the exception that proves the rule.
PHOTO (1--Color in Simi Edition only) (Ran in Simi and Conejo Editions only) Farmers Insurance officials give visitors a tour of the company's new claims adjuster training facility in Simi Valley on Tuesday.
In most instances, a claims adjuster will visit your camp to investigate, if preliminary information shows potential for liability.